Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Very Good Javascript lessons from Yahoo

So that's it, the web2.0 is popping everywhere all over the place and you need to make your sites sexy using Javascript and AJAX.

Then you probably feel JavaScript is a crappy language you never wanted to learn. So you keep learning bits of it as you need to. But doing this you'll probably end up reading a lot of crappy examples too and that will keep you in the vicious circle of thinking JavaScript is only a toy language.

But what if you take some 2 hours and really learn the basic correctly from Yahoo people who really know what they are doing? What if you finally learn what is that damned prototype stuff and how you can prevent libraries to collide their namespaces? I did it yesterday and I'll never regret it. I still prefer Ruby (JRuby) or Java many times over Javascript, but know at least I'll know how to code JavaScript and will be much more interested and effective in making the most of existing frameworks.

So if you can, really watch those screencasts:
Again, I've read lot's of Javascript tutorials or even books before. But nothing approaching the clarity and effectiveness of those lessons (except may be the AJAX in Action book).

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