Friday, September 15, 2006

AJAX + Applet = ? ... => BLACKJAX !

OK, apparently I'm not alone thinking Ajax apps and applets can interact together to provide richer Internet applications, see this other blog also. Indeed:
  • Ajax is better for fast responsive GUI and document centric applications.
  • Applets on the other side provide better graphics, DB connectivity, XML processing or any heavy and maintainable business logic.
Okay, but now we need to name this new way of bridging those technologies. I propose to coin:
"BLACKJAX" standing for:
Background Liveconnect Applet Code Kicking Javascript and XML.

That's indeed a mix between AJAX and Applet. 'Asynchronous' is better replaced by 'background' which means the same thing but makes a funnier acronyme.

A new tech is born, let's hype arround it!
I'm waiting for your comments. Cheers,


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