Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I'll try here to inform people that may not know the situation one week before the presidential elections in Brazil. After having been evinced from the power in 2002, those who always ruled Brazil since its colonisation are trying everything to prevent Lula from being elected again.

Opinions pools were pretty clear since several months ago: Lula was summing about 55% of the vote intentions against less than 30% for the right wing candidate. But the oligarchy -still very powerful in Brazil- tried to biased the public opinion. Journals such as Veja are lying more than Bush, while others like the "Folha de Sao Paulo" are obviously biasing the facts against Lula. The problem is that there aren't yet any mass media to balance those partial views from journals owned by the oligarchy.

Among the most scandalous stuff, are: the national lawyers association (OAB) is trying to impeach Lula; while the government was top blame, because they bought vote from opposition politicians to gain governability, the biggest problem is that the press only persecuted the government without even persecuting those corrupted politicians from the opposition who used to be corrupted for decades. Finally one week ago, a tape proving the corruption of Jose Serra -a former rival of Lula- has been discovered. Instead of investigating this case, the press is only focused on linking Lula with irregularities when obtaining that tape, again, they are trying to impeach Lula despite the total lack of proof and its huge popularity. They are thus trying to shunt the democratic process in Brazil because they fear to loose their privileges inherited from the colonnial situation.

Lula is very popular in Brazil, it's the first president who helped the poorest of the poor of Brazil. He is hopefully going to be elected any way. But still, the putsch attempt should be denounced anyway. It's our duty to blame the PSDB party and the mass media they manipulate wherever they go (that's why I'm telling it in english).

The issue is nothing funny. While the brazilian mass media (mainly Globo) are hiding the facts, they are more people killed in 3 months in Sao Paulo than during the whole second war in Lebanon! Corrupted politicians such as Jose Serra (PSDB) are widely responsible for letting that violence run out of control!

I'm only giving my view here. Others may defend the cause better (PT web site, , blogdareeleicao) , and the good results of Lula and popularity can be verified against numbers from impartial organisms. Here are such indicators:
details of numbers
popularity pool


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